I'm sure Geordi La Forge would be pleased as punch to see the visor he used to overcome his handicap reduced to a fashion accessory for a backwater virtual world. Oh, I guess he wouldn't.

Unless of course these Star Trek: The Next Generation costumes, crafted by Flashman Studios as part of an initial wave of a PlayStation Home Trek invasion, take place prior to Geordi getting his cybernetic implants. That's not the case though, because these...

...look to be the original one-piece jumpsuits, retired long before Geordi got his groove back.


The Borg outfits aren't so bad, though the female version is an obvious homage to the Borg Queen, who didn't appear until the film First Contact, at which point those Federation jumpsuits had been phased out completely.

If you watch the trailer closely, you'll notice another glaring error — a Borg named "Me." The Borg are a collective, duh. It should be "We."


I leave any Klingon issues to the Klingons. It's for the best.



These are actually all rather nice, all good things considered. I even dig the "we couldn't use the original music" theme in the trailer — it's still a long road from the horrible Enterprise opening tune.

These costumes will be available for purchase in PlayStation Home, with more generations to come in the far future.