So I Guess EverQuest Turns 10 Today

One of the first MMORPGs to pioneer sucking the souls out of gamers and Player versus Player interactions has just turned 10. Here's an elf popping out of a cake to prove it.

Other festivities, both virtual and real-life are planned for EverQuest — most notably, a party at Fan Faire 2009 in Las Vegas this June and the declaration of Sony Online Entertainment Day in San Diego, California. That's what happens when you win an Emmy, kids, people notice you. Eventually.


EverQuest went live March 16, 1999 and rose to gamer fame over the next decade, spawning 15 expansions and a full-blown sequel that still feeds on the souls of the unwary MMO gamer.

EverQuest 10th Anniversary [via GameSpot, the guys who first awarded it Game of the Year]

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