Over the weekend, Anonymous held in-person protests at Sony stores. The idea was for the Guy Fawkes mask-wearing members of the group to go into Sony's shops and pass out fliers. How did it go? Well, the weekend came and went.

According to online reports, Sony closed some of its retail shops in the UK the day of the protest. The Sony store in Manchester even had cops out front.

On the Operation Sony Facebook page, some users wrote that they went to Sony shops in Southern California (such as San Diego, Costa and Los Angeles) and that the there wasn't much of a protest. Wrote one:

Well I went to Costa Mesa and no one there, went to LA … no one there… so I stuck fliers places till I got kicked out haha mostly fail if ya ask me


Obviously, this could be a member of Anonymous or it could be someone trying to make Anonymous look bad. That's the thing with Anonymous...they're anonymous.

Since Anonymous doesn't have much of an organized structure, pulling off something like an organized protest does seem tricky. There's always cyber attacks and...hacker George Hotz said he won't buy a Sony product again.


But hey, some Sony shops were apparently shuttered on a Saturday. That must count for something other than grasping at straws.

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