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So, How Much Did Bobby Kotick Make From Modern Warfare 2?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We know Activision made a ton of money from the launch of Modern Warfare 2, but just how much did the company's much-loved boss, Robert Kotick, manage to score for himself? Here's a hint: loads.

Flush with the success of the launch, Kotick this week offloaded almost two million Activision stock options he'd held since 2000. When they were worth $1.03 each. In this post-Modern Warfare 2 world, however, they're worth around $11.50.


Want me to do the math for you? Subtract the $2 million strike price from the equation and Kotick earned himself just over $20 million. In less than a week.

Think he's an asshole? He can't hear you. His mansions are insulated with money.

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