So Gran Turismo 5 Isn't Done Yet

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Gran Turismo, which was first revealed in 2006, was supposed to be out in March 2010. Then it was delayed to "TBA". It is now supposed to be out on November 2. Today is August 9.


The game is not done. "GT5 is getting to where it will be finished shortly," Gran Turismo designer Kazunori Yamauchi tweeted earlier today. Yamauchi seemed upbeat and noted that the development of GT games is always like this — that it's like they are nowhere near finished.

But Yamauchi and his team have released GT games in the past, so do not fret!

It is not uncommon for studios to work on games right up until the titles are out the door. It's just that Polyphony Digital has been working on GT5 for such a long time.

The studio probably could work on GT5 forever, perfecting and polishing. At this year's E3 gaming expo, the designer said that the game might have "too much" detail. GT fans wouldn't have it any other way.


Kaz_Yamauchi [Twitter via はちま起稿]


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