So Far, Ron Gilbert's Next Adventure Game Is Way Over My Head

Today, I got a package from Double Fine promising details on the legendary Ron Gilbert's new adventure game. But… I can't figure out what it is! It just looks like a jumble of cardboard pieces. Maybe this was supposed to be packaging for the USB key they forgot to send? I don't…. understand…

Is it a metaphor of some sort? Does this mean that the game is going to be released in a bunch of tiny little pieces? God, who knows.


Maybe I'll just turn to the internet. Hey, it looks like Game Informer got a way better-looking image than I did!

What the crap, Double Fine? Why do the other sites get a cool piece of artwork and I get a bunch of useless junk!

What am I missing here?

Well, they did invite me to the studio to learn more, so I guess I'll have to head over there to get to the bottom of this.

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