A Modern Love Story Unfolds, Courtesy Of Nintendo

Stand back, Romeo and Juliet. Here's an epic tale of teenage love, rejection, bad grammar, and Miis—all of which unfolds on the 3DS's Miiverse (or in other words, a social network on the 3DS and Wii U).

It all starts with a user asking folks to comment if they need a girlfriend. One intrepid 8th grader responds—and things escalate from there. You can see the full exchange in this PDF below, or you can listen to a dramatic reading of it performed by CurtDogg Gaming above...I'd recommend the former, as it's quicker.


Either way, aww, poor Alan. That's how these things go, sometimes...

Allan & Nicole: A Miiverse Romantic Drama in One Act [CurtDogg Gaming]

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Dr. M to the J, PhD

so anyone here need a girlfriend?