Snoop Dogg’s New Game is Essentially PaRappa The Rapper but Broken

Did you know that Snoop Dogg (né ‘Snoopy’) has a game out today? It’s true! Its also doesn’t work half the time!

Way of the Dogg is a downloadable game out today for XBLA. In it, you play a blacksploitation stereotype named America Jones (let that one really sink in) whose girlfriend is shot (it’s not clear why) after he loses a rigged, underground cage match. America swears vengeance against the poorly-explained villains and seeks Snoop Dogg (not Snoop Lion) to teach him the Way of the Dogg (not the Way of the Lionn).

Oh yeah, Snoop Dogg lives in a Shaolin Temple where he trains in Kung Fu or something. Also, he’s high all the time, natch.


It's basically a cell shaded, fighting rhythm game, in the style of PaRapa the Rapper or Gitaroo Man. Except it's poorly made, uses the GTA font and it doesn't work a lot of the time. When I played it, button prompts would sometimes not appear and pause menus would appear totally blank. Also, the word "Move" stayed on the screen for about an hour without going away.

That said? You get to beat up a racist, fat cop on a pier while 'Who Am I? (What's My Name?)' plays in the background. So, occasionally, I found myself having fun — because there's something about playing a Snoop Dogg version of Elite Beat Agents, no matter how bad, that just kinda works on a conceptual level.

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This just proves how badly we need another Elite Beat Agents or Gitaroo man. Snoop Dogg knows it, why don't you know it game industry?!

In all seriousness, This game is a bit sad.