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Snoop Dogg Explains a Waffle Maker, Feeds Chicken, And Talks Scented Candles

Rage's Wasteland is a mean bitch. There are essentials you are going to need to survive, like TV remote controls, dirty mags, and firepower. Who better to explain that than Snoop?


The famed rapper talks through what gets him through the Wasteland, as well as gives a rundown of weapons and gadgets. He also drew a picture of a dog with a rifle on its head—as one does.

Snoop also gives shout-outs to his buddies like Mike Tyson and Jermaine Dupree. Follow ya nose, ya nose knows.


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This advert is RAGE's story in microcosm: dull, contrived and essentially pointless.

I just finished the single player campaign last night and (Spoiler Alert) the ending was so slapdash and basic that I built up a fair store of RAGE all of my own. It simply... ends. There was absolutely no emotional payoff whatsoever.

I couldn't give a hapenny jizz for the Ark survivors, the Resistance or the Authority because the game never took a single moment to try and give me a reason to care. There were no interesting character backstories to get involved in, just a bunch of people telling you to do things.

Some people criticised RAGE for being too similar to Fallout 3, I criticise it for not being similar enough in terms of providing a decent storyline. I genuinely think that RAGE has good combat mechanics and its fun to run around blowing up bandits, at least for a while. If only they had tied the whole thing together with something more than a flimsy strand of string with "go kill Bandits" writ large across it.

And Snoop Dog, I think Ice T has provided enough of a warning sign of what happens when rappers try their hand at advertising games. Be careful that you don't fall into that bottomless pit of irrelevance.