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Snipperclips DLC Makes The Switch's Most Surprising Launch Game Worth Revisiting

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After not playing Snipperclips for months, I had more or less written the game off as being easy and filler-y. But after last week’s DLC, Snipperclips Plus, I was wrong.

As is the case with a lot of cute co-op games I buy to play with friends, I ended up not finding anyone who wanted to play Snipperclips with me not long after its release. It was a fun game, with an art style I really loved, but it didn’t have a ton of staying power. As soon as I needed to delete things off my Switch to make room for stuff, off it went.


I reinstalled the game for Snipperclips Plus, which has two new worlds with fifteen new puzzles each, and new stages for the free for all and battle modes. The new puzzles are cute, but they’re not light or short. There are a lot of them, and they’re sometimes very challenging.

Take, for instance, Sorcery Slots. In this puzzle, you have to sort each of these colored balls into their matching scepter at the same time, as they fall from the sky.


If you don’t get them in the right spots, they all disappear. I tried to play this on my own and suddenly felt like someone had gone from asking me to play Shoots and Ladders to solving a Rubik’s cube. It’s not like Snipperclips’ puzzles weren’t challenging, but the base game had none that so thoroughly twisted my brain into a knot. I brought over my editor, Riley, to try to help me figure this out, and after a couple abortive attempts he told me that the problem was that he was really hungry.

In addition to the new worlds and puzzles, there’s also an entirely new gameplay mode where you just cut out stamps and post them to social media. Aw!


It’s worth revisiting Snipperclips—there’s still a lot to chew on in this game. And when you do, please tell me how to solve Sorcery Slots.