SNES Classics Cost Less On Ebay Than NES Classics Did At Launch

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The bad news is the chances of snagging a Super Nintendo Classic at retails are pretty slim right now, and auction site eBay is probably your best bet if you want it ‘right now.’ The good news? The average price of a SNES Classic on eBay is only $164, $80 less than the NES Classic in the days after its launch.


Using Ebay’s Terapeak sales analytic application, we looked at sales data for the first three days of the NES Classic’s launch, November 10 through November 12, 2016. Launched for a mere $60, the average sales price for a NES Classic Edition on Ebay during launch was $243, four times suggested retail.

Nearly a year and numerous assurances by Nintendo of continuing stock into 2018 later, the SNES Classic launch is relatively tame in comparison. The $80 retro gaming console sold for an average of $163 on eBay over the weekend, or only double the asking price. People are still getting gouged, but not as badly as they could have. Plus, a quick search of the most recent completed sold listings on Ebay shows the prices dropping, with selling in the $120 to 130 range.

Note that these numbers are for items purchased or won via auction, so exorbitant listings that went unsold do not factor into the figures. There are still sellers out there hoping someone will drop $15,000 on an $80 item to help pay for college tuition, but with more than 8,000 current active listings for the SNES Classic on the auction site, it shouldn’t come to that.

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