Now that they've finished subverting millions to their wills via Smurf Village, Beeline Interactive places Peyo's little blue money machines in such dire peril that Papa Smurf's only recourse is to create a brand-new Smurf—you.

The only-proficient-when-the-plot-calls-for-it wizard Gargamel has cast a powerful darkness spell over Smurf Village, threatening to increase the price of candle wax and cause the brotherhood of blue dudes to actually welcome the brief illumination provided by Jokey's exploding gag gifts.

Rather than call on the combined might of the Smurf Imperium (of course they exist), Papa Smurf makes you. Perhaps you don't fall under the spell's effects since you weren't alive when it was cast. Who cares? You get to be a pretty, pretty Smurf girl.

Or boy, I guess.

Apparently Player Smurf will free the more popular Smurfs, who will then celebrate raucously to break the spell. This is exactly why I leave magic alone.


Smurf Life (which really could be anything—Choose Life, Dance Life, Screw Life) will be out this year for tablets and smart phones. Start planning out your Smurf character now. Dibs on Giant Humanoid Smurf.