Smuggler Caught With 94 iPhones Strapped To His Body

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There's money to be made smuggling iPhone 6s into China. Enough that people who are not as bright as professional smugglers are getting in on the action.


Accordig to a Sina report, via Daily Dot, this genius was caught trying to get from Hong Kong into mainland China. Customs officials got suspicious when they noticed him walking a little stiff; when he set their metal detectors off, they stripped him down and found that he'd made himself a cute little suit of armour, made by strapping 94 iPhones around his chest and legs.

If he'd made it, it would have made for an interesting sales pitch.

For Sale: iPhone 6. New, not in box. May have spent 14 hours pressed against a stranger's junk.

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I phone6s are nice to smuggle, they bend to the curvature of your body.