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'Smuggle Truck' Makes Crossing The U.S.-Mexican Border Fun, Advocacy Groups Irate

A game designed over the course of a weekend as part of a summer "Game Jam" has raised the ire of immigration advocacy groups. Maybe because iPhone game Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration looks like fun?


Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration, a side-scrolling, physics based driving game, lets players drive a rickety, rusty pick-up truck across obstacles like rocks, ditches and a razor-wire fence in the name of transporting illegal immigrants across the border. The satirical game was developed during last year's Immigration Jam in Boston, Massachusetts by a quintet of developers.

Next month, Owlchemy Labs plans to release Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration for the iPhone and iPad, the AP reports.


The game's creators say their creation was inspired by the frustration of friends trying to legally emigrate to the United States, but its detractors call Smuggle Truck "disgraceful," making light of the deaths of those who try to cross the border.

Mass. company draws fire for immigration game app [SF Gate/AP]

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Huh, that looks alot like this game (which was made quite a while back), Mining Truck: [] Although, I probably shouldn't jump to conclusions yet, as Smuggle Truck was made in a limited amount of time, and their differences could be as drastic as Robot Unicorn Attack vs. Lame Castle (and/or Canabalt)