Smouldering first trailer for X-Men: First Class tells the real story of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Holy crap, it is on. The guitar-saturated trailer for X-Men: First Class issues a bold challenge to Green Lantern, Captain America and Thor to raise their game. And the Kennedy-era setting actually adds a whole new layer of coolness to the whole affair. But what do you think? [via Facebook]

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Looks very nice. Has a lot of that Watchmen vibe. Feels very close to the Watchmen teaser in fact. Which is a good thing because I loved Watchmen (especially the director's cut).

OTOH did they just screw with the timeline of the later movies? The later movies suck horribly for the most part, so that's not a negative, but why is the Nightcrawler there when he shouldn't be even alive at the time? Neither is Pixies for that matter.

The core X-men are way too old considering how young Xavier is. They appear to be in their 20's when Xavier is in his 60's. Therefore when Xavier is in his 20's, the x-men are supposed to be what? Negative 20 years old?

Also, why are they flying the SR71? That plane doesn't have bomb bay doors. It has no carrying capacity - it is a pure reconnaissance vehicle. It fits a pilot and a navigator in a tiny cockpit - that's it.