Smell Your Video Games While You Play Them

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Given what some games could smell like (blood, dirt, hellspawn hordes), this is far better than you'd think. Over on Etsy, a haven for geeky goods, seller Bubble and Geek has created a lovely line of fan-favorite home goods. These scented candles draw inspiration from fan-favorites like Doctor Who, Star Wars, and, yes, video games.


Need to repel a zombie? That's what sunflowers are for! The cake is, of course, a lie; it's a chocolate-scented candle, not a cake.

I have to admit, I'm glad the Game of Thrones-inspired "Khaleesi" candle smells of the orange and cinnamon one might find in Qarth and not the, um, rich scent of a horse-riding horde galloping under a desert sun.


Bubble and Geek [Etsy, via Pwn Love]

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Space Dude

I wonder what Super Meat Boy smells like...