Smash Bros. Ultimate Update Adds Piranha Plant, Features Enormous List Of Actual Patch Notes

Nintendo’s patch notes are notorious for saying pretty much nothing. So the latest Smash Ultimate update—which also marks the release of Piranha Plantcontains a nice surprise: a lengthy and detailed breakdown of everything that’s changing, down to each fighter’s specific tweaks.


The 2.0.0. patch notes can be found in full here, and really are enormous. Every alteration made gets its own spot, even when there are multiple changes being made for the one character.

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It’s the kind of thing that’s super useful to know, whether checking up on your main or just browsing to see exactly what’s been tweaked for a certain character if something feels just a little bit different.

The good news has been well received:


Please, Nintendo, more of this!

Oh, and if you were wondering a certain thing about Piranha’s your answer:

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I hate to say it but I think I am already done with SSBU. I did a decent chunk of WoL and played with my fiance a bit but it just isn’t holding my attention like previous games. That kind of sucks because we bought our Switch after a long time of waiting because SSBU came out, but neither of us play it (fiance just got Let’s Go Eevee so she is playing that).

I’m waiting to be able to afford BotW now and I am excited for the next main-series Pokemon game, but I am hesitant with that too because they fucked with the game’s formula a ton in Sun/Moon and I went from being hyped for it when it was announced to not buying it at all the more I heard about it. Hoping for a return to the older game style for this next one, or combining the new stuff with some of the stuff they cut.