Smash 4 Characters, Ranked By How Annoying They Are

Smash 4
Smash 4

What makes a Super Smash Bros. character annoying? It’s a very specific cocktail of repetitive, invulnerabile, low-effort or spammy moves that, together, make you want to throw your controller at the television.


Everybody has that one Smash fighter they hate playing against. But one thing I realized after setting out to list the top ten annoying Smash characters is that, in their own way, every Smash character is annoying: characters who are too over-powered are annoying; characters whose moves are inescapable are annoying; characters who can roll across the stage are annoying; characters who have minions are annoying; characters who spam projectiles (and especially when those projectiles make annoying sounds) are annoying; characters whose moves all look the same are annoying; and characters who are Bayonetta are annoying.

Really, that’s most of the characters.

Below, I have ranked all of the Smash 4 characters from least to most annoying in accordance with how obnoxious they are to play against. Although I offer no specific explanations, I have a few notes to offer at the end.

55. Sheik*

54. Zero Suit Samus

53. Charizard

52. Ganondorf

51. Ike

50. Palutena

49. Donkey Kong

48. Bowser

47. Link**

46. Lucario

45. Samus

44. Mewtwo

43. Falco

42. Fox***

41. Zelda

40. Ryu

39. Peach

38. Mario

37. Luigi

36. Captain Falcon

35. Mega Man

34. Meta Knight

33. Greninja

32. Lucina

31. Corrin

30. Roy

29. Marth

28. Robin

27. Rosalina & Luma

26. Toon Link

25. Little Mac

24. Dark Pit

23. Pit

22. King Dedede

21. Duck Hunt

20. Rob

19. Lucas

18. Ness

17. Shulk

16. Bowser Jr.

15. Villager

14. Wario

13. Pikachu

12. Dr. Mario****

11. Wii Fit Trainer

10. Olimar

9. Diddy Kong

8. Yoshi*****

7. Pac-Man

6. Jigglypuff

5. Mr. Game & Watch

4. Kirby

3. Cloud

2. Sonic******

1. Bayonetta

A few notes:*Sheik is not annoying because she is not cheap. Relatedly, I also main her.

**Big, heavy characters with easy-to-anticipate moves tend to be less annoying (i.e. 47-53).

***Fox and Falco just aren’t that annoying anymore. We can all defend against the laser spam. Seriously. It’s 2017.


****I hate the sound of Dr. Mario’s “Megavitamin” move, especially when it’s spammed.

*****Yoshi can eat you, poop you out as an egg and drop you off a cliff while your body helplessly struggles to escape death. It is annoying as hell.


******All of Sonic’s moves look essentially the same. They make essentially the same noise, which is the sound of my cavities getting drilled. He has a move that is just him rolling across the stage, a move type universally considered obnoxious, in part, because it requires little effort and is difficult to avoid. Playing against him is a bad time.

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it’s really clear that you do not play this game competitively, your reasoning for ranking characters as “annoying” is simply because of your own ignorance for not knowing the proper way to get out of moves such as yoshi’s egg lay move. also, saying that sheik is the least annoying character simply because you main her is insanely biased, she’s incredibly annoying to fight against as she invalidates a lot of the cast. I hope that whenever you are assigned to write an article next that you do so on a game that you are familiar with.