It’s easy to get lost when you’re swimming underwater in a video game.

You’re moving in the right direction, but you look down for a moment, lose your bearings, swim some more and wind up back where you started. I guess you accidentally turned yourself around. Whoops!


Come on, that never happened to you? Not once?

One of the side missions in the new Dying Light expansion The Following removes this problem in a simple, clever way. The developers at Techland line the swimming path with markers that are orange on one side, blue on the other. You’ll see that in the video above or the shots below, all captured on my PS4.

If you’re swimming toward orange, you’re going the right way.


The blue on the other side can guide you back to where you started. That’s really helpful, given that you’ll sometimes need to come up for air and then have to dive back down while still heading in the same direction.


A nice bit of design there!

Note: despite what my captured screenshots imply, the mission here is not “Stranger in a Strange Land.” It’s “Strange Noises.” And it’s the only swimming mission in the expansion, best I can tell. One’s enough!


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