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Slow PSPgo Sales In Australia

Illustration for article titled Slow PSPgo Sales In Australia

PS3 sales in Australia are healthy, and the home console has been selling over 10,000 units per week since early September. The PSPgo, which launched October 1 and is AUD$50 less than the PS3, has been hardly robust.


According to Australian paper The Age, a source with access to official GfK sales figures divulged that the PSPgo sold fewer than 1,000 units in its first full week on sale in the territory.

Michael Ephraim, managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and New Zealand, told the paper that the sales figure was "not under 1000 but it's slightly over 1000" and called the release a "soft release". Major retailers like EBGames, Ephraim noted, have refused to carry the product.


"Clearly we haven't done massive numbers but it's not something that we're concerned about ... because there are still some issues that we need to work through," Ephraim said. An upcoming pre-Christmas PSPgo update will allow users to read e-books, and initially, a broad selection of comics will be offered with more to come in the future.

Next year, a download video service will be launched.

"I suppose the applications are going to catch up with the device," said Ephraim. "The connectability to the PS3 and those other applications will start making this device even more viable."

PSP Go a no-go as Sony struggles for sales [The Age Thanks, Trevor!]

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I think the biggest problem is the price. Not the whole UMD thing. People will see the price, then look over at the PS3 and say "Well gee, which one should I get! lol"

Then there's the issue that the PSP Go software online is sold at the same price as retail games when everyone knows it's cheaper to publish DD games then retail.

I know it's a bow down to retailers, but the consumer isn't stupid.

If they fix these issues, I bet the PSP sales will increase a lot.

I say 199 for the Go and all games online that are also retail be 5 dollars cheaper. #pspgo