Sloth Quest Looks Stupid, But I Still Wanna Play It

Or I want to watch people play it, at least. Looks like a perfect game to get keyboard-smashingly frustrated over.


Sloth Quest is a somewhat QWOP-esque platformer about being a sloth. Swinging from vine to vine, dressing up in costumes, dodging... alligators and tree-dwelling leopards. Actually, go ahead and read the developer's description. Like the trailer below, it's kind of magical.

Achieve the universal dream of becoming a sloth. Control the true king of the jungle as you navigate treacherous vines, battle predators, scale trees, and travel to the great beyond. Just don't let go!

Inspired by challenging games such as GIRP and Sexy Hiking, Sloth Quest takes a twist on the typical platformer by allowing you to climb like a sloth. Your Sloth has been wronged by the other animals of the jungle, and it is time to seek justice.

Challenge Yourself

Can you master the precise timing honed by all Sloths in the jungle? Impaired by lethargic motions, patiently find your path to complete your quest, and avoid predators at all costs.

Non-Linear Jungle

Choose your own path by patiently traversing vines, and conquering other beasts of the jungle.(that means Boss fights!)


Collect new outfits by defeating mini-bosses, and finding hidden items. Cater your sloth to your style of adventure.

At the moment, Sloth Quest is still under development and is looking at a release on PC in the fourth quarter of 2014. It is also on Greenlight, so you can look to its page there for discussion and future updates.

Sloth Quest [Steam Greenlight]

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I want to take all these people making ironic games, shove them in a studio, and say "OK, you've had your fun, now work together and revive the SRPG genre"