Slender Man Creator "Deeply Saddened" By Stabbing

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Eric Knudsen, the creator of fictional horror character Slender Man, has issued a public statement in response to the tragic stabbing in Wisconsin that left a 12 year-old girl fighting for her life.


Knudsen's spokeswoman Sue Procko issued the statement to the Associated Press, which begins "I am deeply saddened by the tragedy in Wisconsin and my heart goes out to the families of those affected by this terrible act."


Adding to a statement issued by the website earlier this week, Creepypasta admin David Morales also spoke with AP, saying "Overall, the community has deep condolences to the family of the victim and all those who were involved."


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So glad they're trying those girls as adults. They knew damn well what they were doing, it was premeditated, they had EVERYTHING planned in regards to where to take the girl, before, during and after the stabbing. They need to be checked mentally(they're crazy,k? done.) but I wish vengeful wrath on anyone who tries to get these girls off on insanity pleas.

They aren't innocent children. They have the capacity to think and understand the consequences of their actions and that of a fictional character. I'd say stab them both to near death but that's bad because they're "children" and somehow, premeditated crimes committed by youths is different from that of an 18 year old person. Like the mind of a 14 or 15 year old cannot understand any better than that 18 year old.

All in all, I hope they rot for the remainder of their lives. An eye for an eye and all that jazz.