Sleeping Dogs Is About To Get A Little Crazier

Just in time for Halloween, Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games will be releasing add-on content for the amazing hands-on, kung fu combat, open world game. And there will be zombies. And vampires. Sort of.


It's called Nightmare in North Point, and instead of slapping rival Triad members in the face with a fish, you can slap undead gangsters—called Jiang Shi—in the face with a fish.

You might think zombie-type enemies are played out, but I'm looking forward to revisiting Hong Kong for a creepier threat, especially in tandem with the Halloween festivties.

Best of all is that Sleepings Dogs just got a 50% price tag on Steam. Which is unfortunate for Stephen, who bought it juuuuuust before the announcement. Ain't that always the case.

The DLC will release on October 30th.


But I don't wanna punch Hsien-Ko. :(