Slay the Princess Trailer

The wild thing about Slay the Princess is that this experience I described to you isn’t what most see in their first run of the demo. How the princess will appear to you when you make your initial descent will vary based on the dialogue choices and actions you make on the way down. Some will find a more sympathetic young woman who will go to desperate lengths to escape her prison, and others will find different monstrous variations of her, such as a ghoulish nearly skeletal version called The Spectre, or a giant, dominant version called The Tower. While we all find ourselves in this strange time loop being told we have to somehow kill this princess who threatens the rest of the world. Not only does that feel insurmountable, but there are constant hints that we’ve been plucked into a conflict we know remarkably little about by design.

Talking with others about their experience, I’m already compelled by just how differently Slay the Princess can play out, and the idea that this is all, in theory, meant to coalesce into some universal truth about what is happening and why. We all find different variations of the princess in the cabin, but why is the narrator being cagey with all of us? Why can’t he see this mirror that we can see, and why does it disappear? In just two time loops, my mind is racing with questions. I know when the game launches on Steam this fall, I’m going to walk down the stairs and into the princess’ clutches as many times as it takes to find out.