Slaughter All The Things In Bloodforge

Mythology-based revenge thriller Bloodforge, from UK-based developer Climax Studios, is slated to hit Xbox Live Arcade this spring.

Bloodforge promises to tell the tale of Crom, a warrior who gives up fighting for the sake of his family but then finds himself unwillingly pulled back in and then devoting the rest of his life and energies to revenge. The developers describe it as "an extreme, stark, graphic novel style, only matched by the ferocity of the combat itself."


The words "brutal," "ferocious," and "devastating" appear to make up most of the game's description, though they do also helpfully add that a multiplayer duel system will allow players to level up their skills by competing against each other.

Because gaming can always use more rage, vengeance, blood, and slaughtering of one's foes.

Bloodforge [Official website]


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