Skyrim's PS3 Version Patched. Apparently!

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The PS3 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is buggy. Since launch, PS3 owners have been encountering difficulties that make the game not only slowdown, but unplayable. Today, Skyrim players are reporting a patch was released.


Some folks over at the Bethesda forums are reporting that it does indeed addresses PS3 lag issues, and according to a few, supposedly lowers in-game textures. That, however, is unconfirmed.


The patch seems to have hit Europe first, and other regions should follow.

Kotaku is following up with Bethesda to discern exactly what the update entails.

Patch Is Out! [Bethesda Softworks Forums via Europgamer via VG247]

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The Logic and Rationale Police

You'd think that these sort of things wouldn't happen on a console, I mean a few bugs here and there, but unplayable, that's just bad.

When it was on PC, there could always be the excuse of a myriad combination of PCs, no way to account for all of them. You need to update your drivers, your OS etc.

So is it simply that the game was rushed, not properly play tested, with the fallback;"if it does have errors, we can patch it later'?

I'm sure many will rush to its defense, but this is one of the reasons why I stopped gaming heavily on PC(retail games anyway), and I don't want to see it happen on consoles.

Playtest the hell out of your game before release.

Also did anyone see the picture as that cat thing having huge cat eyes ala the one stroke cat eyes in my posted pic?.