Skyrim's Dragonborn is Freakishly Cute in Vinyl

Introduced at QuakeCon last month and now shipping to all the good little Dovahkiin boys and girls, Symbiote Studio's Dragonborn vinyl figure now guards my computer desk from low-flying reptilian threats. Let's unmask this tiny hero!

The Dragonborn is the preview figure for the Symbiote Skyrim line, though I'm not sure what other stand-out, iconic figures could be crafted from the source material. I suppose a Dragonborn of each race and sex would be in order, and maybe a guard with an arrow accessory.


It's a lovely little figure, and at $12.99 it's a lot cheaper than Symbiote probably could have gotten away with.

Flip through the gallery for a more intimate look at our horned hero.

Look, I'm playing with him in third person!


Full-sized dragons crumble under his steely-eyed stare.


Put the helm back on. PUT THE HELM BACK ON!


Symbiote also included a zombie panda in their mailing. It's meant to raise awareness of the plight of the undead panda. Considered yourself awared.

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