Skyrim’s Success Hasn’t Changed Plans for the Next Dragon Age

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Dragons, they're so hot right now. And not just because they're fire-breathing lizards, either. Skyrim's winning Game of the Year awards, racking up impressive online numbers even though it's single-player and possibly even impacting the economy. It's also singed people's memories of that other dragon-centric fantasy RPG that came out earlier this year. In the months after Dragon Age II came out, BioWare's co-founders have been supervising the finishing touches on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Since that massive online game's finally launching today, I asked BioWare's founding doctors about what they thought of Skyrim and whether the latest Elder Scrolls hit will make them re-assess the blueprints for future Dragon Age games in any way.


While the bearded Greg Zeschuk admits that he hasn't even started Skyrim, co-founder Ray Muzyka's played through the earliest parts of the game. "I definitely admire the scope of what Bethesda's built. It's a beautiful looking world you can lost in," says Muzyka. "And the lore is very rich so you feel like you're moving through a world with history and that your actions have consequences. That's been a big thing for us in our games, too."

The doctors acknowledge that Dragon Age II was a very polarizing game and claim to have heard the complaints of some hardcore fans regarding the fantasy sequel. "We think that Dragon Age II succeeded in a lot of ways but we've thought a lot about how to recapture some of things that Dragon Age Origins did well, too." Neither co-founder would offer more on what to expect in future Dragon Age games, but Muzyka said fans of both Dragon Age Origins and Skyrim would be happy with upcoming announcements.

Zeschuk does admit to sinking many hours into Dark Souls, calling From Software's hit "the most bat-shit crazy game there is." So, maybe, there's more scope, more craziness or more difficulty or more of all three coming to the evolution BioWare's fantasy action/RPG franchise. We'll need to wait for EA and Bioware to reveal more about their next game with dragons to find out.

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I've only had the chance to play an hour of Dragon Age II, so enlighten me on this: why does this game get so much outright scorn? The art direction is a lot less generic now and the combat is no longer dull as dishwater. What did they change that made so many people loathe this game?