Skyrim Rendition of Game of Thrones Intro is Suitably Amazing

My inner fanboy is just about going crazy right now.

The video, titled simply "Thrones," takes the iconic Game of Thrones show intro and puts it in the context of Bethesda's RPG, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Its creator, Brady Wold, worked on the animation for over two years, adding to it here and there in his free time—working on it for "thousands of hours" in total. Well, I can safely say it was worth it.


Very few things are truly worthy of being described as "epic," but this video is one of them. Bravo.


Thrones [Vimeo, via Reddit]

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That was pretty cool.

Though it really does show how small the "cities" in Skyrim actually were. I always felt it rather jarring when dealing with the reality of those supposedly great centers of civilization when they held a handful of buildings and only a few families.

One of my big hopes now that the new consoles have a decent amount of RAM is that Bethseda up the scale in the Elder Scrolls games. I'd really like to have at least one city where I, as a player, can genuinely get lost in the urban sprawl, and maybe even find some totally unexpected adventure on the way.