Skyrim Player Tries To Kill Every Single Living Thing In The Game, Will Die Alone And Remorseful

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No doubt looking for fresh challenges in a game that’s been out for nearly ten years, jaeinskyrim recently decided to embark on a quest to...kill every single person and creature in the entire game world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


It’s technically an impossible quest, of course; while many people in the game are named characters, certain random NPCs will eventually respawn after a few days, meaning you can never truly wipe out everyone and everything from the surface of the game. But considering it takes days for NPCs to respawn, and their respawning is based on the player re-entering an area—which jaeinskyrim never did, as they simply completed a single round circuit of the map—then from a certain point of view they really did wipe out almost everything in Skyrim.

In total jaeinskyrim—using a handful of mods (like ones to let them access locked areas)—racked up a murder tally of 2201 people and over 2400 creatures, animals and various other non-human beings. That is an exhausting killcount, but then when you set yourself a goal, it’s always nice to see it through until the very end.

Image: Jae

If you’re interested in the gory details, they actually catalogued their adventures in a diary, which you can catch up on here.


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When I play something like Skyrim, I always feel compelled to play... I dunno... altruistically? Maybe that’s too strong a word, but even with sorta-immortal NPCs or games that have very little punishments for severe crimes, I’ve never been tempted to kill innocent NPCs. If there’s a dragon threatening a town, I want to lure it out where it’ll kill less guards, none if possible. If an NPC accidentally dies, I restart. Life is already pretty shit in Skyrim, so I always feel like these NPCs could use less... vampires and dragons ruining their already miserable lives.

Is that weird?