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Skyrim Once had Chickens That Spied On you

Illustration for article titled emSkyrim/em Once had Chickens That Spied On you

As games near release, the last of their bugs and kinks are ironed out. Some of those remaining are a pain in the ass, while others are hilarious. This Skyrim glitch is definitely the latter.


Chatting with PC Gamer about the game's "Radiant Story" technology, which alters side-quests to make them more involving, Bethesda's Todd Howard says that at one point the developers were having a little trouble with chickens.

PC Gamer: Can you think of anything you've seen Radiant Story do that's surprised you?

Todd Howard: Let's see… something that was good lately… but this was a bug—lately we realised that chickens were reporting crimes. I found that very funny. That was just last week: 'Why are we getting caught?' 'Oh, the CHICKENS are reporting the crimes!'


Modders, you know what to do: as soon as this game is released, you find those files, and you bring us back our Policeman Chickens.

Todd Howard on chickens reporting crimes in Skyrim [PC Gamer]

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Wow, Bethesda is inept a bug testing and coding. It took them that long to figure out animals shouldn't be able to report crimes?

FFS, the exact same issue was in Oblivion and even as far back as BG. It's like not realizing a character moves faster when strafing and walking forward than just walking forward in a modern game (Oh wait... I didn't ask for this...)

It isn't even that hard to fix going by Bethesda engines, just make it so only NPCes can report crimes, not animals.