Skyrim Once had Chickens That Spied On you

As games near release, the last of their bugs and kinks are ironed out. Some of those remaining are a pain in the ass, while others are hilarious. This Skyrim glitch is definitely the latter.


Chatting with PC Gamer about the game's "Radiant Story" technology, which alters side-quests to make them more involving, Bethesda's Todd Howard says that at one point the developers were having a little trouble with chickens.

PC Gamer: Can you think of anything you've seen Radiant Story do that's surprised you?

Todd Howard: Let's see… something that was good lately… but this was a bug—lately we realised that chickens were reporting crimes. I found that very funny. That was just last week: 'Why are we getting caught?' 'Oh, the CHICKENS are reporting the crimes!'

Modders, you know what to do: as soon as this game is released, you find those files, and you bring us back our Policeman Chickens.

Todd Howard on chickens reporting crimes in Skyrim [PC Gamer]

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