Skyrim is Steam's Fastest-Selling Game. Ever.

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Amidst some back-slapping and self-congratulation over the impressive sales of Skyrim since its release (10 million copies shipped) came one very impressive piece of information from Valve.


It's the fastest-selling game in Steam history.

Jason Holtman, Director of Business Development at Valve, revealed the fact to IndustryGamers yesterday, and given how Steam is almost the default retailer for much of the PC community, that's saying a lot.


Not everything, since Valve continues to keep its sales figures to itself, but a lot.

Skyrim Reaches 10 Million Shipped, Becomes Fastest Selling Steam Title Ever [IndustryGamers]

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game-hating andrew

Somewhat related:

Every time I see someone make valid complaints about Skyrim on the PC, the immediate response is "mods". The most recent case being about menu controls a few comments down.

This shouldn't be the case. It should be up to the developer to make the best possible experience they can for whatever platform. But whatever; it's how Bethesda —and by extension their fans, work. How well this game has sold only reinforces the mindest, and I have an issue with this. Not that it matters, of course.

I've more complaints, both technical (so many) and creative (stories and characters ). I feel that they all contribute to a huge lack of substance, but I won't go into detail unless asked.

In short: I really don't think the game is deserving of such sales.