Skyrim Halloween Mod Makes The Whole Game Spookier

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Unpopular opinion: the biggest problem with Skyrim is that everybody’s not Draculas.


Skyrim’s been around so long that it just got a remaster. Don’t get me wrong: it’s nice to revisit old stomping grounds, but eventually the deja vu becomes deja too much. You’ve gotta spruce up the place. In the spirit of the season, I offer you the Skyrim Encounters And Themes For Halloween 2016 mod.

The mod is three years in the making and turns Skyrim into one giant Halloween party, but with fewer sexy Ken Bones. Here’s its description:

“More than two dozen wilderness encounters now feature creepy creatures. These are new terrifying twists on old chance meetings, where people you meet turn into werewolves or appear as apparitions. You’ll confront more death hounds, witches and gargoyles, and even witness battles between vampire imperials and lycanthrope Stormcloaks!”

Many guards of towns and holds are also transformed into ghosts, werewolves, and skeletons, and in places like Whiterun, Dawnstar, Morthal, Riften, Solitude, and Windhelm, you’ll find trusty merchants turned into witches and all manner of monsters. Despite an apparent apocalypse as imagined by the song “Monster Mash,” you’ll also find kids running around in costumes. Some are even dressed as the Dragonborn, aka you.

Things also get a little weird. Like, taverns-exclusively-serving-human-flesh weird:

“Cannibalism is not just for Markarth any more! In every tavern, dining table and kitchen, you’ll see citizens cooking body parts, eating severed hands, and drinking from bloody goblets. Sweet rolls and nut treats even have eyeballs! All of these you may buy and eat yourself.”

So that’s fun. Don’t worry, though. If things get 2spooky5u, you can just shut off the mod. “Disable the mod any time and the Skyrim ‘nightmare’ ends. Architecture, clutter, food and NPCs return to normal,” said the mod’s creator. Which is good, because there’s nothing scarier than a borked 500-hour save.

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the biggest problem with Skyrim is that it’s an awful game when played right, and a great game when played wrong.