We have certainly seen a lot of different kinds of posts about Skyrim over the past couple of weeks. We've got jokes and memes, fan-fiction and fan-art, and one billion YouTube videos, from the impressive to the disturbing.

But it ain't a "thing" until some iPhone-toting hipster has posted a bunch of fake-retro photos of it to his or her Tumblr. Fortunately, Hipstamatic Skyrim has that angle covered, with a regularly updated gallery of faux-vintage, oversaturated and vignette-d screenshots of Skyrim, its populace, and its vistas.

The quality is a bit all over the place, but some of these are actually quite nice. I wonder where all of Skyrim's hipsters hang out—what is the "Mission" or "Williamsburg" of Skyrim? Probably Riften.

Hipstamatic Skyrim [Tumblr]

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