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Skullgirls Brings 2D Girl On Girl Fighting To Consoles This Summer

Illustration for article titled Skullgirls Brings 2D Girl On Girl Fighting To Consoles This Summer

If you like your fighting games strictly on a two-dimensional plane and with just a single gender, you might want to start paying attention to Skullgirls, a new independently developed fighting game coming to "high-definition home consoles."


Skullgirls is the work of Reverge Labs, lead by ex-Pandemic developer and fighting game expert Mike "Mike Z" Zaimont. It's a combo-laden girl-versus-girl brawl, pitting girls with deadly hair and short skirts against each other in mortal combat. And now, after making a few appearances at fighting game tournaments and conventions, Skullgirls is coming to consoles.

The game's distinctive art style comes courtesy of artist Alex Ahad, whose work can be browsed on Deviantart.


Skullgirls roster features characters like Valentine, a nurse ninja; the demon-haired Filia; a girl who wears hulking arms for a hat, Cerebella; and zombie cutie Squigly.

Expect Skullgirls to hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this summer, even if those consoles haven't been officially announced, with our first proper hands-on preview happening next month.

To see early video of Skullgirls in action, enjoy some pre-release footage.

Skullgirls will be published by Autumn Games.

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Cool. Fighting games by Western developers usually don't (almost never, really) come out very well, but the digital download sphere seems like a good place for a new attempt. Maybe they'll pull it off.