Skulk, Stab and Speed Through Dishonored’s Dunwall City Trials Trailer

Revenge may solve everything, according to Dishonored's marketing spiel. But it doesn't fill the burning need to teleport, slow down time or possess enemies once you've finished Arkane's masterpiece. Thankfully, DLC that lets you craft more gloriously choreographed kills hits next week. Get your glimpse of the Dunwall City Trials in the video above.




Dishonored would have been fun if they actually let you play it the way you wanted to, instead of "Yeah, I guess you could kill people, but the city will be overrun by rats and filth, and the ending you get will be horrible. So yeah, probably shouldn't kill anyone."

Also, this concept is almost identical to the Mirrors Edge trials. Except with more killing. Maybe they felt bad about the forced nature of the campaign.