Size Comparison: Xbox One S Vs. Xbox One Vs PS4

The $400 2TB version of Microsoft’s new, slimmer Xbox One S is out today, but just how slim is it? Through the power of video, we have compared it to the original Xbox One, a PS4 and Quimby the cat.


Remember, this new Xbox One S is pretty much even in power with the original Xbox One. Aside from being smaller, it doesn’t have a power brick (yay!), can output high-dynamic range graphics for games and displays made for that and supports 4K Blu-ray and streaming playback. But it’s not the leap forward in processing power that Microsoft has planned. That’ll be Project Scorpio, the way more powerful Xbox One set for release late next year.

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It says alot about where Microsoft and the Xbox are in the market that this shut just came out and the only people who care are game journalists and youtubers who can get a few hits by doing an unboxing and maybe testing it against old Xbone and PS4.

I mean how do you even advertise it.

“NEW XBONE! Now as small and a PS4.”

I just don’t know who this is for. If you play console games you already have a current gen console. If you don’t then you either don’t care about the slim xbone or are waiting till next year for Scorpio and PS4.5 or whatever shitty names they are giving their in-development console upgrades.