Pieced together from some 525 individually engineered components and ringing up at a massive $525. Sideshow's 16-inch version of StarCraft's biggest scoundrel is so gorgeous you just want to shoot it right in the face.

While he's essentially a retool/repaint of Sideshow's Jim Raynor figure, Tychus always kept most of his personality in his armor anyway, so as long as they've gotten that right we'll be fine.

"Suck it down?" Check. Kyla Velassi pinup art? Check. They've got Tychus covered with more stickers than my wife's Ford Taurus, which is exactly how it should be. Here's a digital model reference:


And here's the plastic man himself:


Sideshow's Raynor figure is shipping any day now, and as always Tychus isn't far behind. The five pound, sixteen inch tall figure is now available for preorder with an expected ship date somewhere between October and December of this year.