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With countless folk horror tales of theme park rides decapitating or removing the limbs of riders, you'd think Six Flags would have shied away from promoting over-the-top, blood-spurting violence in their new Facebook game, Six Flags Mascot Park.


As you can see from the picture of my mascot Cowtaku above, this is not the case.

Six Flags Mascot Park is a game where you create your own creepy-looking Six Flags mascot and put on shows, using various bits of scenery, dance moves, music types, and some very dangerous props, like a spinning saw blade that lops off your character's arm. Better shows draw more fans, which means more coin for you to spend on mascots and props.


Once your show is created, your friends can come watch it, using their own assortment of props to disrupt it, often killing you in spectacular ways.

This is so very bizarre.

"We designed this game to be inherently more social than other Facebook games because players actually interact with their friends' shows and mascots," said John Welch, CEO of Making Fun. "If fans are so inclined, they can throw an ax at a friend's mascot while putting on a show or dazzle them with pyrotechnics. Players can decide the level of interaction."

The game was created by developer Making Fun, with the goal of creating a game that "create a game that delivered Six Flags' signature brand of social fun."

I didn't know Six Flags' signature brand of social fun included killing and maiming stage performers. Perhaps it's time I visited Six Flags over Georgia again.


Six Flags Mascot Park [Facebook]

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As one of the rides supervisors in charge the day our Superman: Tower of Power cut off a girl's feet at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, I can say that I'm not amused.

I also don't see how this made it through corporate PR. We weren't even allowed to acknowledge Superman/Hellavator had ever existed after it was removed. Who approved this?