Six Days Isn't Dead Yet, Says Developer

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Atomic Games isn't giving up on Six Days In Fallujah, says president Peter Tamte in a Marine Corps Times report.


Meanwhile, his other company Destineer — those jerks who inflicted John Deere: Harvest in the Heartland on me — is putting out a shooter for the Wii called Marines: Modern Urban Combat for the Wii this November. Tamte says it's a "family-friendly" first-person shooters where players take the role of a four-person Marine rifle team out to stop a civil war in Beirut instigated by Syrian and Iranian government factions.

Yeah, "family-friendly," he said.

Unlike Six Days, Modern Urban Combat's story is totally fictional, though the gameplay design is grounded in real Marine training programs.

As for the fate of Six Days, Marine Corps Times reports:

Tamte said the company remains committed to creating that game and continues to seek new partners.

Wii combat game features Marines [Marine Corps Times via Gamasutra]

P.S. Yes, Modern Urban Combat lets players use the Wii Zapper as an option.



Cake Tank!

Well, I'm at least interested. Still.

But that family-friendly part has me worried. I'm such a hardcore gamer, I only play games that are banned in Germany or Australia.

And "family-friendly" doesn't sound like a "banned game" candidate... #sixdaysinfallujah