Six Days In Fallujah Dev Gives Birth To Breach

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Developer Atomic Games, perhaps best known for its missing in action shooter Six Days In Fallujah but also responsible for the V for Victory series, has a new "multiplayer title for consoles and personal computers" that will "blow your mind."


Or so says official word from Atomic Games, revealing the title of its newest game Breach. The military game specialists' forthcoming game is based on the "elite CIA Special Activities Division officers" but doesn't offer much in the way of additional details. Atomic does make reference to the United States Special Operations Command Central (aka SOCCENT) command unit, teasing us with a "redacted" release.

We may be looking at Breach real soon, so expect Breach's details to be declassified rather quickly.


Atomic Games didn't name a publisher for its next game, but considering the Six Days In Fallujah publishing fiasco, it's understandable how the developer might hold onto that information just a little while longer, ensuring contractual 't's are crossed and 'i's are dotted.

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Probably just Six Days in Fallujah with a different skin on it.