SingStar Wireless Mics Coming (And Only A Year Late!)

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SingStar for the PS3 was released in December 2007 (in Europe). Was meant to be the console's killer app amongst those who didn't fancy Heavenly Sword, but it hasn't really worked out that way.


That's mostly because PS2 owners who play SingStar still play SingStar on the PS2. Sony keep releasing PS2 versions of the game, so PS2 owners don't need to upgrade. Simple.

A smaller, though not insignificant reason is that the game, despite being for the all-singing, all-dancing PlayStation 3, shipped with the same rugged, ageing USB mics the PS2 version did. This despite promises the game would ship with fancy new wireless ones.


With Microsoft's Lips - which, for all the game's flaws, has excellent wireless mics - perhaps serving as a kick in the butt, Sony are now finally acting on the whole wireless mics thing.

A post on the game's MySpace page shows that the mics are finished and are going through public testing. They should be out "next year", and will surprisingly work on both PS2 and PS3 consoles.

Try out our new Wireless Microphones first! [SingStar MySpace]

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Chris Hinkley

I'm currently testing the wireless mics.

Mostly expected and positive, but they're a bit chunky and ugly (compared to the Lips wireless mics), and they're also interfered with by wireless internet, cellphones, and computers, which is pretty damn sloppy imo.