Sims Disturb Their Bees Less Frequently, And Other Patch Notes

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The latest Sims 4 update brought changes to the Gallery, the in-game storefront where you can find all your fellow simmers’ creations. It’s also brought some funny patch notes.


The Gallery update is the star of the show when it comes to this patch, as the The Sims’ team has completely rearranged how it works to showcase the most popular player-created houses and Sims. This patch also comes with a ton of bug fixes, and some of them are hilarious:

  • The temperature in the Kiddie Pool is now consistent with other pools. Sims will get the “Uncomfortable Chilled” moodlet, but won’t immediately begin freezing to death.
  • Sims will no longer freeze to death while playing basketball in cold weather.
  • Father Winter has been banned from all Clubs and will no longer appear when adding Sims to a club.
  • Pets will no longer stretch bizarrely while Sims are opening presents.
  • Sims who die while skating now die like you’d expect them to die.
  • Sims disturb their bees less frequently.
  • Sims who belong to an Infamous Club no longer get the Intimidated by Fame moodlet at a gathering.
  • The Flower Bunny no longer appears on random holidays and events.

Looks like winter has become a much safer season in general. Unless you’re skating—then you just get to die in a normal way.



As a writer, my dream job is to one day write Sims patch notes. Anything less is a personal failure.