Sims 4 Players Are Freaking Out Over Stairs

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In a free update for the game’s fifth anniversary, The Sims 4 will get new “Muslim-inspired” architecture and clothes, like hijabs and nehru collars, as well as some new patio items. But there’s one update in particular that Simmers are losing their minds about: customizable stairs.

There are so many kinds of houses you can build with segmented staircases, and I could not previously build any of them in The Sims. Before this, making L-shaped stairs required some really annoying finagling in order to trick the game into letting you do something it’s not supposed to do. Soon, I will be able to make these stairs without all the hassle. The sudden influx of architectural possibilities is melting my brain.

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It’s a lot more than the stairs just being L-shaped or U-shaped—they will soon be totally customizable. You can swing each segment left or right and adjust how many stairs are in each segment. You could even conceivably create a spiral staircase this way, which is everything I’ve ever wanted from this game.

Other Simmers are sharing my enthusiasm, to say the least. If you search “Sims stairs” on Twitter, all you will see is unbridled enthusiasm. YouTuber Lilsimsie, a self described “weenie and little freak,” actually cried. “I can’t believe I’m crying about stairs in The Sims. I’m a Sims freak!” she said, crying on the phone to her mom, who replied, “That is so funny.”

This free update is coming to The Sims 4 on Thursday and I will be waiting. There are stairs I have to adjust.

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Yesterday, upon the stair,

I met a Sim who wasn’t there.

He wasn’t there again today,

Oh how I wish he’d go away!