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Simogo Unveils a Funky Little Beat Sneak Bandit

When you think about it, there's always been a rhythm to stealth video games. The start-stop-start of hiding, moving and hiding again. Darting in and out enemies' fields of vision. If you move out of time, then the whole sequence gets messed up, just like playing a song. Or a music game.


The smart lads at Simogo probably realized this, and have melded the stealth and rhythm genres together for their next iOS game, Beat Sneak Bandit. I really enjoyed their last iDevice title Bumpy Road for its jazzy, heartfelt cuteness. Beat Sneak Bandit looks like it's trading in cute for mischievous and that sounds like a swap I can live with. You'll be able to tap your way into thievery early next year.


Beat Sneak Bandit [Simogo]

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