SimCity's DLC Is Feeling (Mostly) Charitable

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SimCity has a new round of DLC on the way, and unlike previous efforts, this one isn't tied to a company. It's tied to a charity.


Starting this month, and running for a year, the Red Cross will be available to turn up and help with relief efforts after a disaster in your city.

The pack is $10, which sounds like a lot. But EA are giving "a minimum of 80% of proceeds to the Red Cross". Which sounds like...well, that sounds weird. Normally charity deals give 100%, or close to it. Because that's what charity is! EA saying that they're keeping around $2 of every transaction - an expensive one at $10 - for themselves seems odd.


That said, I don't want to get too down on it, since the Red Cross is a fantastic organisation which deserves all the money it can get.

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Nicholas Payne

Not sure how EA getting $2 makes it not "actually charitable". The weird thing is if this was $4 and EA gave 25% of the revenue to charity, people would be like "Well that's a nice gesture.", but charge $10 and keep 20% and people go "Why keep 20% greedy pants?" even though the net benefit for charity is greater and the net profit for EA is lower in this case.

Give a small percentage to charity = good old capitalism with a nice feel good pinch of altruism
Keep a small percentage, give the rest to charity = get your greed out of the altruism, jerks