Silpheed Designer Passed Away too Soon. Dead at 45.

Illustration for article titled emSilpheed/em Designer Passed Away too Soon. Dead at 45.

Takeshi Miyaji passed away this Saturday. Miyaji is best known for designing shooter Silpheed, mecha title Gungriffon, and Japanese role-playing game Grandia.


Miyaji founded Tokyo game studio Game Arts with his brother while still in his teens. In 2000, Miyaji left Game Arts to found G-Mode, focusing on social games for Japanese cell phones.

G-Mode revealed that Miyaji had suddenly passed away, but did not go into further detail. Miyaji was 45.


【訃報】ジー・モードの宮路 武氏が逝去 [ソーシャルゲーム情報]

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This is actually the Silpheed Miyaji designed/directed - the original 1986 IBM/PC compatible known as Silpheed: Super Dogfighter.

It's a shame most people only remember the game as the Sega Mega-CD version (which was just an upgraded port / remake, which I'm not certain about but don't think Miyaji was involved in).