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Silent Hills P.T. In Minecraft Is Spooky, Hilarious

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Seriously, this is so spot-on.

For those not in the know, P.T. is an interactive teaser Konami released to announce that Metal Gear (more like Metal FEAR) creator Hideo Kojima and famed horror director Guillermo del Toro (more like Guillerm-boo del OhNo!) have teamed up to make the next Silent Hill, titled Silent Hills. P.T., however, was a remarkably scary, interesting horror game in itself. For a while people couldn't even figure out how they were finishing it.


This Minecraft video replicates it to brilliant effect, with little horror nods like doors closing on their own and spooky, unpredictable monsters just chilling out in corners. Like they do. My favorite thing, however, is that creator Trislux replaced all of P.T.'s skin-crawling atmospheric sound effects with... baa-ing sheep and clucking chickens. So very good, so very Minecraft.

Check it out for yourself.