Silent Hill: Homecoming Finally Hits Steam

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On the eve of September 29th, eager Steam users lined up in front of their computers, awaiting the release of Konami's latest installment of their acclaimed horror franchise, Silent Hill: Homecoming, to become available for download. And they waited. And waited. Now a month and a week after it hit retail shelves, Homecoming has finally made its way home to the Steam platform, with a 10% discount rewarding those who didn't already break down and leave their darkened computer rooms in search of a retail copy. The strange thing is I was randomly refreshing Steam a few days back and Homecoming was showing as available. I started writing up the story and everything, only to find the game gone when I went back to take a screencap. Spooky, though really par for the course when you're dealing with that particular town. Buy Silent Hill Homecoming [Steam]

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