BestGameShowEver is a brand new series on YouTube from one of our favorite DayZ-obsessed YouTubers. In today's launch of said series, they invite several other hosts and producers of various other YouTube shows to discuss what it means to be obsessed with a game. We're talking interrupt-your-lifestyle levels of obsession.

They may not always be serious, and there's copious talk of poop, but it is an interesting discussion to mull over.

My obsession was an obvious one: World of Warcraft. Yep, yours truly was once very obsessed with leveling up, raiding with my guildmates, sometimes even just jumping on to catch up with them over trades. After two solid years and a lot of impressive multitasking, I realized I was spending more time in the virtual world than the real one and I decided to call it quits. I will say, though, that I have nothing but fond memories of my experiences during those arguably dark days.


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